January 22nd, 2006

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Well that's another weekend over and done with. Friday was pretty uneventful in the end. I was expecting to have sea_cucumber over to watch DVDs but that ended up not happening as she got caught up in planning for Dark Ages the next day.

Saturday I tromped up the hill to play Requiem briefly. Not much really happened except for the handing out of some plot. Then was Dark Ages which started early so we could do some major battle that we had to sort out before the game. Everything was going according to plan until we found some uber gross enemy gangrel that not even with the combined might of every PC in the game could have taken down. Which as killing him or proving he wasn't in the area was one of the mission objectives it meant I failed.

Can't imagine how we were ever expected to succeed. Afterwards the actual game was meant to be the celebration of our victory, but since we failed it ended up being a bit of a damp squid. And rather unsurprisingly I got hauled over the coals and everyone else got a pat on the back. Not sure why I bothered.

Today has been pretty uneventful too, but I got plenty of exercise. Walked up the hill for re-enactment. Except on the way I bumped into the others who told me we'd been kicked out our normal room cos of SU fuckup. The other room was already occupied too with some girls who most definitely looked like the most dangerous weapon they'd ever held was a blunt nailfile. So in the end we gave up on fight practice and headed to the pub. Which was shut. So in the end some of us ended up vegging round HoP.

Feel very sleepy though. But there is Commando on so I'm going to stay up and watch that instead of getting some sleep :)

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