January 13th, 2006

Perfect day

Well that was a very enjoyable day of doing things i love (no not my wishlist site). I got up late. Slobbed around and spodded. Watched some truely awful TV about auctioning off prized posessions. And eventually dragged myself away from the glowing boxes and pootled in to town for shopping!!!

You'd have thought given my previous comments on how I need to organise my DVDs would mean that I'd hold off buying more until I sorted myself out. Nope. MVC are still open and still have stuff that I've never heard of that doesn't look half bad and is greatly reduced. They could really do with providing shopping baskets.

I ate a vast amount of pizza. Although majic13 still retains his Crown of Gluttony as I only managed 9 slices. I could have probably managed another one or two, but the flavours they had out at the time didn't really inspire me to make the effort. Although I suspect just as I left they rolled another Beef and Red Onion one which I would have quite happily wolfed down.

I bought some books. I watched Narnia (finally). I like watching films mid-week during the day. It was so quiet. I had a very large row all to myself. So I put the nearest armrests up and sprawled. Narnia I liked a lot. Although I found myself getting overly emotional. Probably a good thing the screen was so empty.

And then there was the pub. And lots of cool people to talk to. Surprisingly I didn't get drunk. And even more so I had more to eat - admittedly only icecream. Icecream is great food for eating when you're stuffed so full that you're liable to explode at any moment. It settles into the cracks easily.

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