January 9th, 2006

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Weekend was pretty uneventful. Mostly cos it all went downhill when I installed Black & White 2 and stayed up 'til really really stupid o'clock on Friday night and didn't surface until well into Saturday afternoon. Where I attempted to resist making the same mistake again and failed. Managed to get to bed before dawn that the time though :)

There was a conversation online about the dot.com crash last night. Which prompted me to check out a site that I used to briefly check out called JenniCam - one of the first real life 24x7 webcams. I gave up on it when I realised the timezone difference meant I was only ever going to watch someone asleep and not actually living their life. At some point in the last 5 years it stopped. There's not even a website left. Which is kind of wierd, it's like it never existed. Except there are still news articles about it. Otherwise I'd have to wonder if the site ever existed.

In some ways it's a bit like the changes going on in the high street. All the shops that are turning into holes in the ground and then new ones spring up in their place. Like the Special Reserve has finally been snapped up as a bar and grill. I'm hoping they'll do large slabs of cooked meat with chips. *yums* That'd be a suitable replacement for cheap console games.

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