January 3rd, 2006

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Back at work, but thankfully we seem to be easing into it nice and slowly. Which is good cos I was up 'til stupid o'clock messing around with the figures and numbers for TIL last year. I'm in "profit" by 100%. Mostly due to a very busy xmas. Probably a good idea to look at upgrading the server or something.

Just discovered that Camby uni's sci-fi soc has 5000 books. Something for IFIS to aim towards for their library. [EDIT] Blimey. Imperial has 6300 books. I think I'm going to stop looking at other sci-fi societies cos they're scaring me.[/EDIT]

Had a very good day of shopping and cinema which has perked me up. Saw "Just Like Heaven" which is pure sappyness as you'd expect from such a plot. Have many DVDs now from the MVC sale too.