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Last night's game was...amusing... I guess. We (the malks) played a prank on vierkilau's dopey toreador. We convinced him, he had a parasitical tentactled beastie in his head - actually it didn't take much convincing, we just told him and he believed us. Didn't even use any gooby powers either. He then offered us tools to remove it, lead us to a private room and allowed us to strap him down and strip him (ICly) naked. I think it started going downhill when the Prince and other important people came and found us. We hadn't actually done anything to him and had no intention of doing anything except leaving him there, so we were allowed to carry on.

Then we got sent on a mission which was royally FUBAR'd up by other characters blundering about, setting off alarms and generally getting under foot. Bah. Didn't make it back in time to do more stuff. Found out OOCly that vierkilau's torrie had been abused even more by some Gangrel on the hunt for the beastie in him. Oops :)

Made it back to House of Them with plenty of time spare on the tube, so it's a potential plan if I can't get a lift for the next game. Now back again and heading up to the pub shortly.


But that was so in character for Mordent(sp?). He just screams out incompetence :)

We would have made it in too, if it wasn't for team 3 turning up and just standing around and talking at us.

Yeh, Mordent has all the skills, and everything set up right for quite a lot of situations, and yet it never seems to go right for him.

And he's the best of Paul's characters...

I was just wishing I'd been playing my old (now dead) Nos - he'd have walked through the security, on his own...