October 11th, 2005

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Saw a very odd sight on the way to work today. A paperboy scrawling arrows on the pavement to mark his route. I've never seen them do that before.

GameSoc was pretty good. The students are a bit lemming like though and all seem to want to play whatever game everyone else is playing. Which ended up with us having a rather too large game of Ninja Burger. And a few people watching us too. Despite there being a very large pile of other games around to play as well.

The guy I'd met the previous week who was a board/card game fan didn't show which was a bit irksome. Quite a few of the newbies I saw last week didn't show in fact. Bit of a shame. But there are still plenty of people left.

After the NB game the games kinda fizzled out as there was console gaming and Requiem character gen distracting folk. I think at last count there were at least 4 new Requiem characters for inquis to abuse on Friday. One of them is a very very enthusiastic girl who seems to want to play all the LARPs she can get her hands on. Although when I tried describing Mage she didn't look that impressed, but she did still want to create a character at some point. She also loved the idea of Dark Ages. Unfortunately she's busy on Thursdays with a D&D game, so probably going to have to drag her along on Saturday where ever the game is and introduce her to the wild and zany ST team.

I definitely need to finish the VSS for Mage as people are starting to want to create characters and the VSS should (I hope) make it subtly clear that there are going to be shinies to spend XP on that will become apparent in the pre-game. Although at this rate I think the pre-game is going to be the first game as I'm thinking it's going to be tricky to get people together prior to the first game.

PS Work have got me a brand shiny new laptop *boggle*