July 20th, 2005

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I like dreams. I wish I could dream more often and remember them too. This morning I was cruelly deprived of one. Got a stupid meeting reminder at 6am! For something tomorrow! Gah! It woke me up right in the middle of what I vaguely remember as being a really cool enjoyable dream. My subconcious must have felt sorry for me, cos when I dozed off again I managed to have another dream instead. This one I do remember.

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In my constant battle against the forces of nature, I've hacked some more of the Rosemary tree and given it to noseynick. The path is just about clear now I think. Someone - I'm guessing the neighbours below me - hacked the bush/tree on the other side of the path so in theory I have less to cut back. There's still tons left of the Rosemary tree though and I should probably trim the bit nearest the front door too.