May 8th, 2005

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National was in all honesty a waste of time. The Mage game was good, what little there was of it, but due to a major cockup in scheduling the 3 hours it had got soon dwindled as things before it overran and players faffed. I guess what really was depressing was the realisation that I'd yet again managed to avoid plot - this time national plot. If I'd gone to the 2nd session today, I would have gotten personalised plot slapped right in my face - namely the death of Freya.

Runnymede mage made up for it by slapping me in the face with Freya's death anyway when the other players (finally) admitted to having murdered her. Too shocked for words, I didn't end up having time to go postal cos we got attacked by martian-like robots instead. Managed to disable one of them, but the others ran like girls and left us to die ;( On the plus side I got to try out my new weapon. On the downside it was on a guy.

I think the national venue was too draughty as I appear to have got an earache. Feels like someone has been hammering nails into my ear. Ouch. Don't think it was helped by the cold windy weather today either, cos it feels a lot worse now. Think I'll get an early night especially as I've got blood letting tomorrow.

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