September 11th, 2004

Oh what a a night...

I've often wondered whether or not the Ops team are biased in their choice of my team when they call up for on call support. But it seems that what they actually do is make copious use of the redial button. As evident last night when I got called 3 times. In the space of 4 hours. And one of them wasn't even a call - they'd dropped the phone and accidently hit redial.

Blergh. So no sleep for me and a long pointless slog into the office. Have now since slept, but obviously this means I miss the first London game. Hopefully I can stay awake/alive enough to make it to the second.

One thing I have noticed since awakening today, is that the lovemap has remained static now for almost a week. I'm guessing it's cos no-one has mentioned it at all, which is probably also cos it's remained static. I'm not sure how I feel about this because there is still quite a lot of the map not being shown and probably lots of people who haven't signed up yet who I know that should. Actually thinking about it, I'm actually very happy with how it went - it got used and I never expected that to happen.