June 30th, 2004

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It's very worrying sometimes being able to see quite how strong the wind is outside. There are a couple of lampposts and whilst the degree of movement isn't large, the wind is making them wobble quite noticably.

The game last night was most amusing because my character has finally proposed to the NPC who well over a year ago, he seduced and um...got scandaled accidently. In theory it should have been a fairly quick part of the game, except that because of majic13's brutal slaying of my character's high school friend using the dark arts, my poor character had a fear of being touched. Which meant that every time the poor girl tried to hug or kiss him, he flinched or ran away or something. Ah the joys of angst. Not that I couldn't afford to, but majic13 paid to for him to be put up in good quality loony bin for a bit. Next week I might find out if the poor girl will tie the knot.

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