June 1st, 2004

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I'm fairly certain that Call of Cthuhlu is meant to be a game full of deep and twisted horror. Of darkness and soul destroying nightmares. Why is it that no matter who I'm playing with, it degenerates into bountiful mirth?

Tonight's game was no exception. Since the party is off on a suicide mission, stealthracer's character decided that it was a good time to spend his hard earned cash on blackmarket stuff (it being WWII), getting absolutely smashed and having his way with the beautiful ladies...or rather since his character is a bit of a religious type, getting married to a beautiful lady and then mating like rabbits for the few hours left before the mission.

Surprisingly the search for a woman went well. As did the attempt to persuade her to marry him. stealthracer rolled 17% on his skill of 95% to which majic13's comment was "Is that an impale?" (which is roleplayer speak for a really good roll). It went downhill from there with majic13 (notice a pattern here?) bringing "rings" into play inbetween schoolboy fits of giggles.

The only horror in the game, was the prospect of marrying my character's long term love interest. I'm surprised she's still bothering with him still. Or him with her. But it amuses me to keep it going and I suspect that getting hitched is the next step.

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