April 28th, 2004


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Just remembered I had a dream last night and since I don't often remember even having dreams, let alone remember them long enough to write 'em down on here, I figured it was worthy of writing down.

It was mostly a medevil swash buckling dream - I was the rightful King of England and I was rushing about trying to retrieve some sword or other, which was in pieces and put it back together again. Except just as I got the last piece, the current King (who obviously was evil and nasty) turned up and killed me. At which point I started again.

There was also a part in the present where I met the Queen. Who was sewing a family tree type thing. She was there sewing and giving me advice on how to do stuff. Except I can't remember anything she said. And then I was back in the swash buckling past part of the dream, trying to retrieve the sword, not die and kill the evil King.

Unfortunately woke up before I could manage it all though. The evil King's castle was really manky - the rooms were all full of mud and crud and other stuff I don't want to think about. Or maybe I was in the sewers beneath the castle a lot? Hard to tell. It's where the evil King usually found me.

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