April 26th, 2004

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Despite those pesky vikings, I managed to make it to Hatfield mage in time. Although the same couldn't be said for everyone else :) The Game was pretty much as I'd expected, a nice relaxing game, although I didn't get to kick any blind guys in the nads.

Then in a purely random whim, mostly cos there was lift space, I headed on over to Oxford as well. Then I discovered that the train station was miles away from the venue, so I was on the verge of going home again when the amazingly wonderful anonymous_james offered me a lift home. w00t! So I stayed and spent several hours looking like a bunny caught in car headlights as I tried making myself look very unnoticable in a room full of werewolves and uber gribbly mages of doom. Which worked - although I think that was mostly cos people were too busy dealing with other stuff.

Of course, now I'm back at work rather than playing Mage somewhere...oh well

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Just tried the new all day breakfast facilities in the bakers in the center of town. It's really wierd in there now - it was all pokey and staffed by old people and now it's HUGE and staffed by young people. Maybe there's some kind of age per square foot thing going on. Wasn't overly impressed with the breakfast. Was amused by some random person recognising me from GameSoc - had no idea who he was though.

I was also amused by this convo between american member staff and random customer

AMS: Would you like cream with your coffee
RC: No thanks.  I'll have milk though
AMS: Um...OK...
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