April 17th, 2004

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What a totally random night it's been. I was expecting a night in, but at the very last minute I managed to poke sea_cucumber about WGP type plans. So I hurried on over to HoP, trying hard to breath in the Egham Stench (I really wish they'd do something about the cow poo smell). Got there only to discover she was being punished for not doing her STly reports...by doing them (the horror :). So I ended up watching the last half of 3 Kings, which is a very good film.

ST stuff finished just after the film and sea_cucumber invited me to go see The Butteryfly Effect instead or maybe as well as the original WGP plan. The film is a definite must-see - especially those of you who loved Donnie Darko. Very similiar underlying plot - but then I'm a soppy old romantic and think DD is a love story :)

WGP plan got called off, especially when we did a head count and realised that there were too many people to get a lift back in the car. So two trips had to be made. Oh well...I guess WGP plans will have to wait until next time.

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