April 16th, 2004

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Well I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday. And obviously a whole lot better than the day before. All thanks to the amazing healing powers of duvet. The only side effects of which seem to be some really wierd hallucinations.

This time around, I believed my body could be programmed. No idea what the language was - something OO although at the time it reminded me a bit of javascript *shudders*. Whatever it was, I'd soon knocked together a program to delete all the sore throat objects and scheduled a task to make me go and wash a spoon and take some throat medicine. Oddly I decided that I was too warm and snuggly under the duvet to go and take more medicine, so ignored that part of the programming.

Obviously the program worked, cos in the morning I was mostly better - a bit of a cough still and a headache. Certainly more than able to stagger in, although I was really weak from not having eaten much. Work was OK, didn't rush in too much. Then went to pup. Pub was good. Lots of lovely caring people. But not enough mead though (*pouts at sollunastella* ;)

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