March 23rd, 2004

Things to do in Russia when you're (brain) dead or...The Sibirian Cluster F***

Tonight's little adventure into the dark and twisted plot of the Tuesday game had us visiting the cold and bleak political situation in Russia with us on an mission to hand deliver a message to some big wig. All was going smoothly until winterdreamer decided that his character was going to go into the lift and start randomly pressing buttons until he found the correct combination to get to a hidden/missing floor 13.

Now unluckily he found the right combination. Which meant he got the entire party arrested for being spies. And whilst it kinda hurried along our mission as we managed to pass on the message, most of the party are now stuck in some Sibirian salt mine or something. Our plan so far is to distract the guards with winterdream's character for sexual purposes. We figure after a week or 2 he should be able to manage at least half a dozen which should be enough to let us escape. o_O

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