February 28th, 2004

Urge to kill, rising...

*snarl* *rend* *smash!!!!*

I've FINALLY managed to pay my phone bill after a dozen attempts on BTs crappy website and trying their automated phone payment service too. Stupid things just won't work. Do it via a human though and it works just fine. Same card. Same numbers. Thankfully the nice lady on the phone has given me a bitch-n-rant call number for when the website fucks up again.

Now...lets see if I can pay my gas and electricity bills....

DENIED! At least for the moment. Grrr.. This is getting annoying. I can't remember my password to login to do my tax return and Barclay Card won't let me put my card into credit!?!?!!??! Next I'll find out that Amazon won't let me buy stuff.

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