February 15th, 2004

The weekend so far

Friday started with a mad dash across the known universe to get to HoT in time to drop my sleeping stuff off, be vaguely sociable (felt bad to just dump and go) and then resume my frantic travellings to get to London Mage on time. Well, I got there before time in, but would have been 10 minutes late otherwise. Will have to leave work early or take stuff with me next time I think.

Anyhow, the theme (at least for my character) of London Mage ended up being arses! Fondling, stroking and spanking them mostly. It was, in the end, a discussion about paradigms and how science is a form of magic. Which resulted in my Sons of Ether and a Cult of Ectasy trying many scientific experiements into emotional transferance. Cue much more fondling of arses and attempts to get other people horny.

Then we scurried across London to Full Tilt. Music was pretty good - lots to dance to. Lots of stuff that sounded like white noise and I couldn't dance to at all. Company was as always a pleasure to oggle look at. Or at least the many gorgeous young women were. Gave _aredhel a much needed foot rub - silly girl wearing very nice but impractical boots for dancing.

Got some jelly juice on the way back and over indulged in chips in pitta. Gave a proper foot massage with oil (ta for the loan cryx) and then crashed in the armchair.

On Saturday foregoed the customary greasy spoon trip as I didn't feel up to wandering around Camden afterwards and I'd be late to Sabbat otherwise. Sabbat was full of poo. I nearly got diablorised twice! By a sick uber elder in mist form. Almost diablorised anonymous_james' character during our escape (hmmm...tasty weak snack... :). Then ran out of things to do so slumped about the place. Managed to try pub food for lunch...not overly impressed given how expensive it is.

Got left behind several times by people going to get dinner. Managed to force done something despite not being hungry. C/A was angst onna stick buried in a pit of angst in angst land. At least in the process of being hit with lots of angst, we've managed to get a clearer understanding of why we're getting it. Got a lift home in trade for crash space. I vaguely remember conversation, but was very sleepy. Hence crashed out practically as soon as I got back.

Today I've been to fight practice, izzy_stradlin broke up with me and I went to the pub. Which was full of irritating football watching folk. Have spent the rest of the day coding. Will no doubt end up eating take-out and watching films later.

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