January 27th, 2004

More cake. More WGP. Less badness?

Moot had cake. And chocolate (it called to me whilst in Budgens). And much discussion. Although far too much icky medical discussion. Yuck :)

Ended up going back too. Apparently whatever was given a bit of a prod by the combined forces of everyone there...well except me. I just stood and made sure nothing sneaked up behind us. Not that I could see a damn thing. My night vision is screwed. I could see as well on a dark cloudy night as a clear night with the moon out.

Felt a lot calmer again this time. Think I've worked out why I felt so nervous the past couple of times, so hopefully I should feel good any future times I go too. And feel better generally too I guess.

Anyway - sleeping seems like a whole lot better idea than spodding right now...so time for bed.

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Buh!? Got woken up at 7 by alarm clock. Not my alarm though - someone elses. No idea whose as once I'd woken up and hit mine, it'd had already stopped. Bah!

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