January 7th, 2004

He shoots - he scores!

As some of you may or may not have noticed - I'm lazy. Very lazy. So lazy in fact that I just threw a tissue into the bedroom bin from my lovely comfy leather armchair. The bin is about a metre away. My view of it is obscured by another chair - well all but a bit of it that I can see thru the hole in the back of the chair. I got it in first time. w00t! Go me! *does a happy dance*

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The madone in Nightblood
In this compelling epic, themadone (Vin Diesel) is a complicated informant with a desire for revenge. He has to protect izzy_stradlin (Sarah Michelle Gellar) before the vile cryx (Jennifer Aniston) employs her. After asking a passerby for directions, he brings down a secret stronghold recklessly. You only live twice; see this movie both times.
Produced by ianiceboy