December 29th, 2003

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By all rights I should be dead...or at least passed out by now. I stupidly stayed up until 3am installing a decent LJ client on my newly improved computer. Stupid OS CDs lied when the installer said it was installing a compiler and all the associated gubbins - it did no such thing. Downloading all the required gubbins over 33k6 took blumin' ages. And then I left it running downloading more stuff whilst I went to sleep, except when I turned the modem loud speaker volume down, it kept putting it back up again. So every 2 hours, thanks to Freeserve, I got woken up by it squeeling at me. And then I woke up just past 9. Thankfully I had some Redbull in the house.

In what must have been an act of unintentional sadism, I phoned lucfia as I'd planned to over xmas and didn't get around to it. Ended up helping her spend her xmas money and then some (Sorry :) and got myself some goodies too.

Spent the evening meeting up with folk and forgetting to phone izzy_stradlin. Not entirely my fault. Need to make it very clear that


which unlike the gizmo from work - is loud enough that I can hear it over background noise of cars and people and stuff.

Now...back online again and hopefully will try and get some sleep tonight :)

And yes...for reference I do get "Deck the halls"/pagan answer in the carol quiz. Which I find amusing cos I thought I'd get an answer similiar to the Tom Lehrer

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Forgot to mention and I'm sure he'll have it on his LJ Real Soon Now, but charliemouse had with him the largest Toblerone ever. It was HUGE. Each segment probably had about as much chocolate as a normal sized Toblerone. Strangely enough, even with 7 people we barely managed to dent it. Literally in fact as it's bloody differcult to segment it too :)

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