December 23rd, 2003

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And lo, on first day Spod said unto the desktop "Let there be graphics, " and it was so and the room was filled with much w00ting and joy.

Went shopping yesterday to get a few final pressies and took the plunge and got a mobile. Tis shiny and silver and small and light and has a number too - hopefully I'll work out what so I can tell folks.

I also popped into PC World and bought a stonkingly HUGE harddrive and a CD Rewriter/DVD combo jobby. Which are also very shiny and lovely and nice. And are now currently installed into my poor ickle desktop. Which I did all by myself *beams proudly*. And this also means that I have a desktop install of *nix on it rather than a server install (which lacks any sort of graphical capability whatsoever) and hence - I'm writing this using Mozilla. Wow, I can see so many colours...well 256...need to get new graphics card next. And I've heard sound cards are quite nifty too :)

Only tricky part is working out how to get stuff off the old harddrive. But that is a different story.

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