November 29th, 2003

w00t! I have mead!

As previously mentioned I was up in the middle of night - this was so I could spruce myself into something vaguely human in time to get to Founders to get a mini bus to a re-enactment fair.

Managed to stagger up in the hill in time to get there a few minutes before the bus was due to leave. Except the bus was late as our driver couldn't get it cos wildrogue had his licence still from when she'd waved it at the Union.

Despite my worst fears, it wasn't being held in a muddy field in the middle of nowhere. It was a sports hall in the middle of nowhere. The closest we got to a muddy field was the parking. The venue was packed into a tiny sports hall and was full of people. Some people had decided that pushing their kids around in pushchairs was a cunning plan, so at first it was a struggle to get around.

Luckily as the day wore on (or at least after lunch), it became easier to get from stall to stall. Obtained some yummy mead and a shiny gift for someone. Lunch was crap - mostly cos of the HUGE wait to get anything, which admittedly could have been avoided if I'd know they had ham or cheese rolls.

After lunch I got izzy_stradlin a lovely shiny hard thing which I'm sure will provide many hours of pleasure for her. It's a 16th/17th dagger, although for her it's more of a dirk. Shame we couldn't find gauntlets or a dress - have to look online I guess.

Came back and took her and Andrew to Don Beni's for dinner. Yum. Lovely food. Shame izzy_stradlin felt unwell afterwards - probably the flu. Left her to go to bed and am now spodding. *yawn*. Am sleepy bunny.

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