November 4th, 2003

Sleep? Who needs it?

GameSoc seems to have settled into the new hardcore members who end up doing either warhammer folk or board/card games.

Afterwards we stood outside having a scarey conversation about the cute guys in IFIS. Or rather I stood there looking scared whilst the girls did and then looked even more scared when they reversed the convo to find out what girls I liked.

We (hopefully) freaked out a random passerby, cos we had just finished a big group hug to cheer people up and someone had made the comment of how people walking by would get freaked out, so when the person did walk by, just missing us, we looked 'round and started laughing.

Then someone sensible pointed out it was cold and that we could go back to someones room so we all went back to Sophie's room in Athlone and lounged on her bed and chatted until about 3 when we figured that when half of us had fallen asleep, it was probably a good idea to call it a night and get people into their own beds.

Surprisingly I'm remarkably awake. Maybe I'm getting used to this late night thing...w00t!

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So far so good - don't feel particulary tired yet. Except now that I've written this I do feel a bit sleepy ;)

[EDIT:] Except now I don't feelt that sleepy. I guess talking about being sleepy makes me sleepy :)[/EDIT]

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