November 3rd, 2003

Weekend update

Friday was lowkey. Since everyone else was busy doing stuff, Pam and I met up. We talked, ate icecream and pringles and I did a tarot reading for her. And then we continued talking and talking and talking. At about 4am we realised how late it was so we decided to call it a night.

I just about managed to get some sleep, but no where near enough. I blearly staggered up to the Garou game and consumed lots of Redbull. After 2 cans I felt more like myself and able to play my character. Game was fun and thankfully I didn't have to stand up and do anything important.

C/A game was quiet. Nothing much happened except for a game of chairs. Had another can of Redbull to help get into character :)

Sunday seemed to be a repeat of Saturday with me staggering about half awake. I think my body was feeling the backlash of all that Redbull. Managed to get to the Mage game eventually, although a little late. Barely managed to get my new mage into the game - I think after being trapped in the house for a couple of days, I should be welcome next game.

After toasting the memory of Steve, I led Pam, Martin, Beth and Sophie around to my place to eat pizza and watch Donnie Darko. Everyone (except maybe Beth) enjoyed it. Then we spent several more hours discussing it and a variety of other things.

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I've just discovered that I've spent the entire weekend with myself logged onto #camuk. Oops. I'm surprised no-one kicked me out the channel.

What makes it doubley worse, is that I was told I'd left myself logged in, so when I dialed up on Sunday I was going to log out. But I forgot then too.

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Doh! I'm obviously have a blonde week or something (or more likely it's down to sleep dep) - I've just realised I've forgotten to bring the games to play at GameSoc tonight with me, so I'll have to race home first. Ah, well - I shouldn't be too much later than usual.