October 27th, 2003

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So...update for the weekend. Friday - didn't do anything of note. Saturday however, I went shopping!!!!! And got myself a new winter coat and some jumpers....plus a whole bunch of DVDs some of which is research for my new mage.

Then I went up to Hatfield C/A with ebq. The malks were our usual crazy selves most notably playing "Cheese" in court, putting on a dance number with mice in the formation of a swastica(sp?) and interviewing random people for a job that we decided would be a chinchilla farmer.

Made it back to HoT easily enough only to discover a large mound covering the entirity of the lounge floor. It looked like a cloth version of that giant turtle thing in Never Ending Story, except it had majic13's head poking out one end. Managed to find squeeze in to some of the small amount of space remaining and mocked him in the morning.

Sunday I did the knight in shining armour act and rescued the fair maiden ebq from her Tower of London and took her to the pub so she could catch up with people.

Apart from that - nothing else happened.

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I tried getting a mobile phone over the weekend too, but the salesman suggested I find out what everyone else is on first, so I have a better idea which would be the cheapest for me to go for. So if people could fill in the poll, I can have a better idea about what network I should go for :)

What phone network are you on