October 22nd, 2003

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Last night was fun. Not really much of a pubcrawl as we spent a couple of hours in Crosslands and then the rest of the night in Holloways. Even if we weren't intending on doing a pubcrawl, escaping from Crosslands was inevietable cos some random jazz band decided to set up in the small part of the bar and play really really loud music.

Holloways was thankfully a lot better, although lacking in much seating. We gave up on the idea of moving elsewhere cos it was just easier to stay put. Although some of us did almost run screaming into the night when someone insisted on telling us about his trip to the hospital. Luckily lots of "la-la-la-la"ing and a concentration saved us from the horror.

Despite any kind of sense or reason, I didn't head home at closing time. I instead went back to chat until 2am about Sabbat and stuff with Martin and Pam...except we kept getting awfully sidetracked and covered a whole wide range of stuff. We only stopped at 2 cos some pratt set off the fire alarm and it was just starting to rain, so it kinda made sense to give up at that point.

Pam and I proceeded to head down to the arse-end of campus via the very back route which was potentially very crazy given how dark it was. I must remember in future that they lock the back gate though, so I ended up having to traipse back around to the lower A30 gate instead. Bah. Hurrah for umbrellas though!

Anyway, as you can imagine from the first comment in this entry - I'm very sleepy and running purely on caffiene :)

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Wow! Freaky! We just had a fire alarm test...almost exactly 12 hours after the last time I heard a fire alarm. I hope I'm not going to be hearing them every 12 hours now

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