October 17th, 2003

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God I'm so crap. I lent Nick some DVDs a few years ago and completely forgot. It's lucky he remembered and said something, cos I'd never remember. This does mean that I've got a copy of The Witches of Eastwick, which I was prepreped to go buy a copy of cos I didn't think I had a copy. w00t! I know what I'm going to do sometime this weekend.

Last night was OK. But very very odd. I was facing the opposite way, but one of the regulars pushed some random old bloke off their bar stool. I think he was making some wild arsed claim that it was his and no-one else could sit on it. Scarily the music stopped, so it was really loud and noticable and everyone shut up. I'm surprised the bar staff didn't throw the guy out cos he was clearly off his head, but I guess him being a regular they didn't want to lose his custom.

Italian Job owns my soul at the moment. Especially the circuit racing. I can't stop racing around in minis and trashing stuff :)

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