October 13th, 2003

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So. Weekend. Well despite feeling really crap, I dragged myself up to London for clubbing fun. Except B-Movie wasn't anything like what I'd heard about it previously. It wasn't very clubby, it was more pubby and the supposed Batman theme was not very evident. Closest was the DJ wearing a batgirl eyemask thing and them playing that song that Prince did.

So most of us ended up racing over to Full Tilt before it's doors closed. We made it there and much dancing fun was to be had. Then I got bored of dancing and went to see what everyone else was up to which was probably a bad idea. Cue much mopeyness. For the first time ever, we stayed still it finished though, but that meant lots of time for me to mope about the place.

Then we headed back via some shop that sold some very odd but tasty jelly drinks. Got back after what seemed like an eternity on the bus and then crashed. Woke up before lunch. Went to greasy spoon. Headed over to Sabbat game but was still down after the night before, so chatted to wraithwitch and dozed.

Helped get wildrogue's car back using my elite navigational skills. Surprisingly Adam didn't blow anything up on this "away mission" :)

Cam game was dull cos it was all politics, but I guess you get that kind of thing with a new Prince. Got home OK afterwards. Sunflowers aren't very happy, so I've moved them to a cooler part of the flat.

Sunday I got up really late and missed re-enactment. Got to the pub on time and managed to blow enough willpower not to appear too mopey. Went home and vegged in front of the PS2.

Not a particular exciting weekend I guess, but not so dull that I didn't do anything.

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