September 17th, 2003

Oh, no it doesn't!

Work is still going OK. Took my mum out to dinner for her birthday yesterday. For the first time ever, I remembered when it was - there may be hope for me yet. The Greek restaurant we went to wasn't particular great - wasn't impressed with the squeeky goats cheese. I think it was over grilled. Still, my mum seemed to enjoy it which is the main thing.

I don't know why, but on the way home last night, I started thinking about the music of the 80s. It got me wondering whether or the mopey heartbreak music that was predominate then, had affected me at all. I can certainly remember having my heart crushed utterly to some of those kinds of tunes.

Of course these days I can barely remember a single one of them, although I have the chorus of "Love Changes Everything" bouncing about my head now *sigh*.

Today is looking like it's going to be an OK one, although my foot deliberately stubbed itself on the fridge as I walked into the kitchen. My poor ickle toe is all tender now.

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    Love Changes Everything (still!!!)