September 8th, 2003


So...that was another weekend. I didn't get to try and get the camera working at home - I suspect it is something wrong with the serial drivers. On Saturday I popped into town to see if they had any more, but alas they had sold out. Friday night we Sabbat'd and I had great fun trying to electrocute people and disguising myself as a little sweet innocent schoolgirl (with a knife).

Also on Saturday there was the Garou and C/A games. Nothing much happened in Garou as it was mostly a continuation of last month. C/A was more interesting cos I got into trouble for sneaking about the place.

Sunday I was late for the pub, but just managed to order food in time. Crappy pub had run out of food apparently - I think this is more likely to be code for "We're crap and lazy". Then ended up back at house of plot where cryx corrupted me to the delights of Thorntons dark choc + marzipan doodahs and I played Halo lots. We even (for a laugh) tried out a new game style involving racing Scorpions (large tanks) about - it's funny but needs some tweaking.

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