August 26th, 2003

Spook-o-gram for Mr. Turner...

I'll do a big catch up and bit about my new job tomorrow when I'll hopefully have a proper LJ client to do an update with. The web interface sucks bad enough normally, but using it in Lynx is a whole lot worse.

The subject of this entry is related to the spooky wierd shit pub moot I went to last night (Monday). Not precisely about it though, it's just that I had a bit of a poke in the head by something. Although it's kind of hard to tell.

As you all should know by now, I've started a new job and as a result had to hand in my old (work) mobile in. Which means that for the most part, I'm no longer easily contactable - not strictly true as I do have a land line number which works just fine and even has an answerphone on it, but I know how some people don't like them and it doesn't help if I'm walking up the hill. Anyhow, I got home from my first day at work and bimbled about getting ready to head up the hill to go to the TP5 game. Except that I had an urge to phone ahead to make sure the game was on. I certainly didn't have any reason to think it wasn't, as I'd not checked LJ all day. Stupidly, I ignored this feeling and went on up the hill, only to find that the game was indeed cancelled.

I have to wonder just how much of my urge to phone ahead, was me just being sensible, or me being given a hint of information I didn't already have. I wonder how many other similiar situations I've had and ignored in the past.