August 17th, 2003

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Wow! I've managed to get dialup working. Admittedly at 1200baud (which for you non-techies is about 500times slower than ADSL) and it's about as useful as well...nothing. Need to reclaim my uber super turbo charged modem as that is a bit more usable. I finally finished copying anything useful off the laptop. I went to the pub for lunch (as usual) only to find only the cool non-lazy people had bothered to turn up. Then we went to WGP for foresty frolics. Except people got bored of forest fairly quickly and we ended up just sitting around for ages instead. After that we went to McDs for icecream related food and then to House of Plot for a bit of vegging.

Returned home and spent the past god knows how long doing sod all rather than sorting out the laptop or computer at work. But I did manage to get the old modem working.

I've also got oodles and oodles of choc&orange twixes. Which are very yummmmmmmmmmmy! I went and bought 16 from Budgens. When I next walk past I shall buy some more. No - I've not eaten all 16 yet - I've only had 6 (including 4 I bought the day before) so far. I'm just stocking up before silly people who don't appreciate their yummyness buy them first.

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