August 12th, 2003

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Am mildly annoyed at the moment, cos it seems that someone has taken credit for IGOR. Well not quite - they've given it to someone else instead. After all the months I've spent getting Runnymede then Southern and now the whole of Cam online, it turns out that Richard has been doing all the work and well I don't get a mention. Gee thanks. I feel so loved.

Still, at least I've managed to get the contracts and stuff all sent off. Just need to sort out another reference and I'm sorted. Getting a new job is bloody hard work.

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Darn. New HR have spotted that the 25th is a bankholiday, so I now start on Tuesday. An extra day of fun and madness I guess though.

Was definitely not a bright bunny this morning. I brought in the old ISDN router that in ye olde days provided me with spodding access before ADSL got installed to all of us. Except when I handed it to the network guy he gave it the once over and then looked pointedly at the power socket. Oops. I'd forgotten it.

He also said there wasn't a hurry for the ADSL router, so I don't need to bring it back in straight away. w00t! Free ADSL for a bit longer then :)

Oh yeah. In case anyone hasn't realised.


My current mobile number will no longer work, so once I finish the job, you'll have to rely on my home number to contact me. I might be getting a new one from new job, I dunno yet. Best to wait and see.

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