July 30th, 2003

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Damn. Looks like I'm stuck at home today cos the rear brakes on the bike are shafted. Not entirely sure what happened, but I'd just gone over some crappy temporary tarmac and was coming up to a turning, so put the brakes on and there was a brief shudder and a *clank*. Couldn't see anything wrong, but it looks like I'd somehow knocked the rear wheel's tracking out. Or at least the brakes were pressed up hard against the rear wheel and no amount of wiggling would help.

So now I'll have to go to the bike repair shop and get them sorted. The brake cable is really stretched too, so I suspect that might also be a problem that'll need fixing. Woohoo! Lots of money no doubt.

I guess in some ways it's a blessing cos the weather looks really shitty outside. Plus I'm expecting a letter today :)

As expected though, the boss is being really crappy about it and expected me to come in anyway. Sod him.

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Well I've done it. Eeep!

I'm such a dozey wotsit. Popped into Special Reserve whilst getting breakfast and taking the bike for repair and discovered a collection stub for the dry cleaners for the stuff I took in last week. Oops. Thank god I noticed otherwise I've no idea how long it would be until I remembered.

w00t! The sun is shining again. I really do wonder if my mood affects the weather. Which I guess explains the clouds.

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