July 21st, 2003


Whoa. I feel so unfit. It's only been a few days without cycling and already I feel all slow and sluggish cycling about.

Today I jiggled about some more tombs and dusted off my attempt to draw a graph of LJ friends. Even with just 8 people it's got a bit out of hand and thats with it excluding people with only 1 link to them. I can see why they took that feature out of LJ - must have used up uber amounts of resources to do.

Went to pub. Was fun except for the nasty evil wasps. Went and saw the Hulk, which was good. Spotted Lou thingymajig, but failed to spot Stan Lee, which is understandable as I've no idea what he looks like and still don't even though I know where in the film he appears. Finished the night at Nandos where we ate lots of hot spicey chicken. Yum!

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Not wanting to sound like I'm jumping on a bandwagon, but I've been having some thoughtful ponderings myself on the nature of relationships. But I decided to wait until I wasn't falling asleep at my keyboard to write it down. Last night's LJ entry would have been much longer and verbose if I'd not been half asleep. Not that I'm much more awake now though :)

I was wondering what the difference between a date and just 2 people going out and doing something was. Is it purely down to the intentions behind the people involved, or does there have to be squidgy stuff?

Cos I've taken women out for dinner before in the past, but they've not been dates. But I can't see there being any different to what I did then and what I'd do on a date. Cos from my perspective, the most important part is being with the person - what you actually do is irrelevant. Or am I missing something? I guess it'd help if I'd been on an actual date to compare it with.

Anyhow, got in to work 40 minutes earier than usual. w00t!

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Now that I'm more awake I feel much better to wiffle on about Hulk. I won't go into any plot details, although you'd have to be hard pressed to not know what the general plot is. I did like the style of it though. It screamed comic book and not just cos it had a 15ft green bloke playing golf with tanks. The picture-in-picture stuff is what did it for me. It just looked like a comic with different panes.

I can't see them being able to make a sequel without a lot of plot runup though.

*dons flameproof suit* Also saw the trailer for LXG (plus a whole slew of other films that I can't remember much about) and coming from the point of view of someone who has never read the comics, the film looks like it's going to be really fun to watch. Lyth and eggwhite have designated me as a test subject to see how someone who has never read the books actually thinks of it the film when they see it, so no-one is allowed to wave the comics at me in case I become biased against the film :)

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w00t! I got home a whole hour earlier than usual. Annoyingly the trains were running on time, unlike last week when I was on foot and was reliant on them. Now...what to do with this extra spurt of free time I've got...

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Where is the ka-boom? There was meant to be an Earth shattering ka-boom!

Well that was an evening cut short in it's prime. One minute I was sitting at home, jiggling about under the Lourve when my downstairs neighbour tells me that he's got a gas leak and I'll be without gas tonight. Then the gas men come by and tell me that it's a really big gas leak and I have to abandon home, so I headed on over to House of Plot where I watched telly and let urizen and eggwhite shoot me lots.

Back now though - no gas still and they'll be needing access tomorrow, so I'm stuck at home. Blah. At least it'll mean I'll be able to get to the bank and do a few bits and bobs I didn't have time to do at the weekend.

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