July 19th, 2003

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Today I got another "Welcome to Southern Electric" letter in the post. Yup. You guessed it - they've stolen me back again. This is getting stupid. Scottish Power have had to re-register me because SE stole me back and they let them take me. Grrr. So any day now, I'm expecting a bill from SP for a weeks worth of power and then another set of bills from SE for another weeks worth of power. Hopefully this time they'll sod off and die and not try stealing me.

I'm going to phone Energy Watch and complain cos this is just plain stupid. I shouldn't have to keep telling SE to sod off. I just hope PowerGen who called me this week didn't take me answering the phone as a "Please sign me up" - although I didn't give them any details so I doubt they can.

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Today has been muchly la! Yesterday was more blergh, but that was cos I felt poorly. I ended up going to cryx and ebq's for DVDs and wine. Managed to watch one DVD but felt like crap. It was really hot and stuffy and I could barely keep my eyes open. Managed to eat my share of pizza and gubbins. This time the pizza company that delivers mucho gubbins and pizza managed to deliver it so that it was hot. Apart from the icecream which was cold - not that we ate it.

Mr barty has managed to work out how to drive to and from HOT now, so I will soon be phased out *pout*. Although it did meant I could crash'n'burn on the way back without feeling guilty about not helping him navigate.

Thankfully managed to get some sleep and spent the best part of the day in Staines shopping with cryx. We looked in lots of clothes shops and I helped by carrying and offering advice. Being surounded by womens' clothing must have affected my mind, cos I even managed to make a colour coordinating comment and be all clever and stuff.

Also tried a different pub for lunch - the Blue something or other. It's very odd, we were wandering about trying to work out where to sit and a member of staff came over and asked us what we wanted to drink! It's wierd - they don't appear to have a bar - the staff just wander about and sort people out where they sit. Think I prefer the baked spuds that the Wetherspoons across the road does though. Less cheese - nicer salad.

Shopping ended early cos she had to dash off and watch half naked green men stomp about the silver screen with majic13. But am still muchly la. I like shopping cos she lets me make her happy and I like making her happy. La!

Tonight is an unknown - might get curry and watch a film. At the moment I'm jiggling about under the Lourve in Tomb Raider 6 :)

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