July 16th, 2003

Grr! *snarl*

Yesterday after I did stuff, I took my bike in to get the major gear changing doodah replaced. I decided that it'd be too much hassle to go for the upgrade and it was late in the day and very hot and I didn't really feel like dealing with the hassle. Anyhow, cos I'd left it so late in the day to take it in, I have to collect it a day later. Which meant no bike to get me to work this morning.

I somehow managed to get out the house 30mins early and ended up getting to work 30 minutes early too - the trains were better meshed. Might be worth me getting them more often...dunno. The walk up from the station took over 20minutes!! I'm glad I cycle it normally. It was stifflingly hot and there wasn't much shade.

Most of the aircon in the building is FUBAR'd. Crappy "tur(n)key" operation. Thankfully the office I'm in has a seperate standalone aircon unit so it's lovely and cool in here. Not that we're going to need it at this rate cos it's decided to get all cloudy and it looks like it's going to rain!

Arse! And here's me without my uber fast means of transportation or an umbrella. Hopefully it'll have stopped raining by the time I leave early, cos I don't want to get wet. Should in theory be able to get to the bike shop before it shuts, but want to get there quite a bit before it shuts so that if need be, they can fine tune stuff.

Bah! Sodding crappy weather!

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