July 10th, 2003

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Damn. My bike is broke :( The major gear set changing doodah has gone the way that the minor one did a few months ago. I shall have to take it in for a full service on Tuesday. Might get the rear brakes replaced (or swapped with the fronts) cos my braking distance is HUGE at the moment.

I nearly ran over a squirrel the other day on the bike. It darted out from a bush straight into my front wheel - or at least it stopped so close that it was hard to tell. Poor scared witless thing hurtled back into the bushes. Not sure which set of wildlife I prefer - the rats by the A30, or the pikey kids and tree rats in MH. I guess the bunnies and stuff I see near Windsor win, although they don't count as I don't cycle that way often enough.

Didn't do any of the coding I wanted to do last night on TIL. Instead I spent most of it wrapping a present. I'm dead impressed with the results - I hope the recipiant is too. Luckily the others won't take as long, so I should be done by tomorrow in time for the party. Ya for parties! party! party! party!


Of course I've gotta be able to get home first. What with my manager wanting me to stay behind for a meeting for a project that duplicates another project I've already finished and thus shouldn't exist, the broken bike, plus the vast numbers of police about today.

As I arrived almost at work, there were 2 big police vans - the HUGE people carriers - parked outside a house. Lots of police lurking about as well. This isn't the first time I've seen a large police presence about this house either. Although this is the most police I've seen. Hopefully it's safe to cycle past otherwise I'd have to go a much longer route....although thinking about it, the road they're on is a semi-circle, so I could go the other direction. But I suspect I still go to close to it. Will have to see.

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