July 6th, 2003

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OK. I was planning on doing a post last night, but the C/A game was bloody hectic and amazing and good and stuff. Curse thankyoukindly all his minions and grim. But first things first, there was stuff before that.

Got up fairly early and spodded about a bit and killed some stuff on Halo whilst ebq slept. She woke up soon enough and then headed on over to the new Anarch game. Rather than doing anything constructive or useful, I resumed spodding and Haloing until I realised it was getting late and quickly raced about getting ready for the Garou game.

Since it turns out that it's Adam's birthday as well at this time of year, he'd gone to the local bakery and bought cakes. Not a few cakes, not some cakes - but in the words of John Connor "All of them I think". The game wasn't particilary franctic or hectic - we just did a big rite to re-open the Caern and killed a few beasties.

Then came C/A. You can tell it's going to get bad when the STs ask you to wait behind whilst everyone else goes IC. But when all the Malks get asked to stay behind...well then you start to really get worried. Or not, I guess, cos I had expected something to happen. Just not what. Turns out we were kidnapped by some London plot, taken to a rather run down asylum where we unwittingly let loose a horrible beastie that appeared as everyone's worst fears.

Cue, much running away, fighting and other general fun and laughter. Amazingly, we didn't get into trouble and it turns out that we'd managed to do something good. The combatwombats believe that they saved the day, but they didn't destroy it. Us malks ended up returning it to it's rightful place. Looking forward to London next week.

Went up to majic13's BBQ birthday bash with ebq today. Ate lots, drank enough to get dozey in the hot afternoon sun. Have to get a new pressie though, as his bro got it for him and didn't mark it off his wishlist. I shall still keep it on order cos I wouldn't say no to it tho :) Took part in National Kissing day, which is apparently today. Go me and my wild and reckless self! Came home and am still sleepy, so I might get an early night.

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