June 28th, 2003

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Went to Popstarz with a bunch of folk. Didn't enjoy it as much as Full Tilt though - the music didn't really appeal. The cheese room started off OK, but then started playing popular modern stuff rather than cheese. The alternative/soft metal room played a bit of appropriate music, but nothing I really liked - except some of the stuff they'd already played in the cheese room earlier. Quite a bit of duplication in the playlists. The venue is nice though - didn't get a chance to check out the bar, but the loos are remarkably clean/tidy considering it's a club. And the alternative room has aircon - quite strong aircon in fact which makes one side of the room like a wind tunnel.

What with the music and peoples' flagging spirits, we left surprisingly early, but it took longer to get back than from Full Tilt so we still got back about the same time. Where upon we all crashed out. Woke up much later than everyone else (as per usual) - people are just too damn quiet in the mornings. Vegged about a bit before being convinced to go to the greasy spoon. Then vegged about a bit more before heading back.

Filled in some more of the gaps in my finance spreedsheet of doom. Went and got the pedals on my bike replaced - have shiny metal ones now that allow me to attach the foot clips I'd bought the previous week. Have just had a bit of spin out and about with the foot clips. They're going to take a lot of getting used to. I'm not very good at getting my feet into them - hopefully by Monday I'll be happy enough with them to be able to make it into work.

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