June 26th, 2003

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Yesterday's journey to House of Them was surprisingly differcult. I missed my first connection cos the train was late, then discovered the 3rd train was running late too. The ticket office was shut at Windsor, so I couldn't buy a ticket either.

I did manage not to get squished into a bloodied pulp by stupid commuters who don't think that maybe letting the guy with the bike move the bike out of the way, would help people get on and off. I suspect this was due to me being practically at the front of the train - commuters are generally too lazy to walk up the platform, unless it means they'll be getting on about the right point to get off near their intended exit.

Then it took 15 minutes to get through the barriers at Vauxhall. Neither ticket guy could grasp the simple concept of what ticket I wanted to get. I just wanted a return from Egham to Vauxhall. They refused to give it to me because my journey had started at Staines not Vauxhall, despite the fact that Staines is on the way from Egham. In the end I gave up and just got a return from Staines and ended up being norty and not paying for the brief Egham bit.

So I ended up getting there about 7:30, but I suspect if everything went according to plan, I'd get there about 6:45 which is a bit more useful. Cooked the usual spagbol which turned out yummy as usual and then helped cryx find a car wash. Whilst driving around, I suddenly realised that I was in London. It's kind of a wierd feeling that I can't really describe. I've lived for so long in such a small place, that to actually be spending time (and expecting to spend quite a lot more time) in such a large place, is just ... odd. Took us ages to find a petrol station with a carwash, but it was late by that stage, so it wasn't working.

Went back to HoT. Helped carry some stuff upstairs. Did a bit of tech support for Things I Love (and discovered a STUPID bug). Then went home. The journey back was uneventful, but discovered that my stupid laptop had died. It seems to be turning itself off quite often recently. It's not the battery being flat, but I think the battery might be lose or something, cos I have to unplug and then plug it back in before it'll turn on again. I've reconfigured it to suspend to disk now, rather than memory, so that if it does have problems, I won't have to reboot the thing up from scratch.

Still...it didn't blight an otherwise enjoyable evening. I think things are going to be OK...

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*sigh* I wish I were more adventurous and be able to do risky things. Although admittedly I suspect that there is such a thing as taking too big a risk and that is partially why I don't take them.

In other news, I'm at home already cos the main fileserver at work kept dying. And then the buildings (not where I work) where the fileserver is had a blackout. no fileserver + no power = me bugger off home early.

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In what could be described as an act so geeky, it goes off all known human scales, I've been putting my finances into a spreadsheet....from '96 onwards. At the moment there are gaps...over 2 years in one spot, but I've gone as far back as March 96 which was just before I moved into the flat of hell.

What this is showing me, is how different my spending habits are compared to 6 years ago. There are an awfully large number of payments to Somerfield and none to pizza places. And it's showing an overall trend upwards which is good and very much "Wow!". I've never thought of myself as good with money.

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