June 25th, 2003

Total Recall

I managed to get up the hill without dying of exhaustion or overheating and I managed not to be the last one there, so I got a choice of seating. The game is still not very hectic - but I guess it's got time for that later - and I didn't lose any more SAN. In fact, I gained 3%, so I'm back up to 19%. This is all due to the fact that whilst the party were battling the king of fire vampires - my character was completely oblivious to it all. There are times when failing (and in one case fumbling) rolls is actually good :)

On the way back, I was sorely tempted to parp my horn (yah for horny goodness) at majic13 and Lyth, but I noticed some suspicious looking characters lurking about on the street corner. Looked like they were doing some kind of drug deal or something. Either way, I felt making a large amount of noise might risk their ire.

As I hurtled down the highstreet, some car started following me down blaring out loud unrecognisable music. I dunno why exactly, but this brought out memories I have of going to the pub with my parents as a small child. The smell of cigarette smoke and beer. The loud music. The taste of bottled coke. Crappy little arcade machines that I desparetely wanted to play, but didn't have any money to do so. Ultimately, a cool memory, but one that I'd forgotten I had.

My memory sucks...lots. My entire life is stored away in there somewhere, but I've not got an index. Stuff just randomly floats to the surface now and then. Usually it's food/smell related. I can be walking along and suddenly I'll get hit by the memory of some really yummy food. It can be very random and very annoying. There are some memories I wish I could remember.

It took a lot of concentration whilst getting back to remember my first real kiss. I can't remember much of it though, which just shows how bad my recall is. What I do remember is good though. I can remember the tingly numbness of my lips and the smell of cigerette smoke in her hair (we'd been clubbing). I can't recall enough of it though to remember what it fully felt like, which is bugging me. Good excuse to find someone to practice more on I guess...

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Phew. It's stopped being all cloudy and yucky looking. I'd left my jacket at home cos it was all hot and sunny this morning.

Off to see cryx in a bit to cook her yummy food which should be fun.

Work has been it's usually dullness, although I did do some work on a different project. Not that it's required much of me so far - just about 10 lines of extra code to an existing app I wrote.

Managed to move horn to a better position - I can now parp to my hearts content with a flick of my thumb. Well, until the air runs out. But it only takes barely a minute to pump it up fully. Or at least it would if my pump's tube wasn't so short. I shall have to put the bike on it's side whilst I pump it up I guess.

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