June 23rd, 2003

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Blah...today is turning one of those dull boring days. Can't wait to get home.

At this rate I might start doing memes or something :)

Well...actually, I doubt I could do that current meme that is doing the rounds cos I don't know what to put and I certainly couldnt pick just 10 people either.

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Gah! I'm sooooo stupid. I got home to find the front door swinging in the breeze. I can't believe I left it open. Luckily nothing has been taken.

CCG2 was AWOL this morning - CG-Afternoon was in her place. Tried out the mask, but think it's going to take some getting used to - I breath too hard and get all stomach crampy. Haven't used the horn though, although I did have a few chances to - like women blindly walking across the road. Or one woman who walked straight towards me and then stopped, blocking the entrance to the cyclepath. I think I need to move it so that I can hit it with my thumb quickly.

Leaving the bike in an aircon'd data centre means the seat is very chilly :)

Speaking of chilly, I've made myself some sin-free ice cubes. Yum. Very nice in this hot weather.

Feel a bit less mopey now too.

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