June 20th, 2003

Burn baby, burn - trainline inferno...

Last night, fate appeared to be totally against me getting home at a reasonable time. I got to MH station only to find 100s of people milling about outside like very dumb sheep because there were no trains running towards London. At this point I had 2 choices - either get a ticket and go via Reading (which is expensive) or cycle...so I decided to cycle.

Replacing the rickety wooden Thames bridge with the one along side the M4 actually works out a lot better. I think it's a slightly longer route, but despite the extra half mile or so, I still did it in better time than I normally do. Managed it in under 52 minutes. w00t! Go me!

When I got to Windsor, I'd just missed the normal train I'd get and the next one was canceled. So I was just about to cycle the other 5.5 miles home, cos I felt I could just about manage it, when I noticed the weather. It'd been fairly windy so far, but by now the clouds were dark and menacing, so I expected it to start raining. Of course it doesn't though and in fact by the time I get home it's bright and sunny again. Pah. Still - at least I do get home, even if it is 45minutes later than usual.

Nothing in particular happened at the pub beyond what normally happens. Except that the now weekly pep-talk with Wrong Adrian didn't happen cos he was replaced by someone else this week. So I didn't feel the need to get mopey about my crap love life.

Can't get to work today cos of the same train problems as yesterday. There's no way I can be arsed to cycle in - it's a friday, I'm knackered and it's bloody hot outside. It turns out that the train problems are caused by a fire at Burnham, which is horribly ironic. Of course being stuck at home means that so far I've not bothered to get dressed...and I don't have any milk in, so no breakfast is likely...and I'm starving. Damn. I guess I shall have to get dressed and go shopping before I implode.

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Gah! Brain-o-cheese time. Someone, I can't remember who, told me of a marvelous website that sold memory. But I can't remember what it was called. I think it might have been barty who told me, but whoever it was...please remind me :)

Just in case it wasn't one of you lot, the website in question apparently can tell you what memory is good for your hardware after you provide it with hardware details. So if that rings any bells...