June 15th, 2003

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I just can't get you out of my head
Boy, your love is all I think about
I just can't get you out of my head
Boy, it's more than I dare to think about

Blergh. Or at least I was blergh last night when I was going to write this post. Since I last journaled (is that the right term?), I've been a bit of a busy bunny.

Friday night, I spruced myself up and went to House of Them (this looks to be the hot favourite name for their place) where upon I bought chinese and burnt my mouth and finished sprucing myself up. Then we went to Full Tilt and boogied our socks off. Full Tilt was quiet. Not practically empty quiet, but certainly noticably emptier than normal. Turns out there was another event on that doesn't happen very often, so it looks like lots of people went to it instead.

The music got a bit dull towards about 2, so apathy towards dancing to stuff that didn't really seem like worth dancing set in. I wonder if exercise is a bit like a drug when it comes to banishing mopeyness. Whilst exercising you have lots of happy bouncyness, but when you stop, you hvae a bit of a crash and go mopey for a bit. They did play some good music though - they played Kylie! Or it might have been Kylie with a very sore throat.

Quite a few of our mob started getting bored too, so we headed home with Ian moaning bitterly about practically everything, but mostly the long wait for the bus and the fact it was lightly raining. Oh and it being cold. Silly bugger had tried saving himself a quid and put his top in someone's pocket, but they hadn't left with us, so it was in the cloakroom still :)

Woke up moderately early all things considered and we spent a vast proportion of the morning just sitting around and chatting. Then we went to the Flo for London Sabbat. Which was very scarey. They have lots more shouty people doing shouty people things there. Much politicing. sea_cucumber's character got wasted for being an evil demon possessed infernalist. Which was nice.

Then I Bruced myself up (*giggle*) and did C/A. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Stuff happened. Stuff I've been expecting to happen in some form or other. All the malks got harshed muchly by Grim. Yah for being harshed! And even better, thankyoukindly was given the low down, so he can continue harshing us at our local game too. I like it when STs plot against us. Means more lovely harshing for our poor characters.

Got back at about the usual time last night, but was very sleepy. Hence why despite my attempts to write this then, I failed utterly to even type a single letter in here. Did manage to stare bleary eyed at some email though.

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