June 12th, 2003

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w00t! Have sorted things out and with careful application of yummy food, shiny pressies and stuff I've managed to (hopefully) fix the important stuff I broke last week.

I've decided that I must have some kind of sadism streak in me, cos some of the coding type things I do, aren't meant for mortal man to know. I set about getting the "Top 5" best performing doodahs for Things I Love and I'm sure the code uses quantum mechanics or something it's so screwed up. Unsurprisingly the evillovely Amazon is doing the best.

It appears I've got another bonus from work. This one covers the shortfall of the first cos of the stupid london weighting that I don't get, so I figure I shall use it to buy an X-Box with. Yeah I know - X-Boxen are evil Microsloth products. But they have Halo on them and it looks like we can do 8 player link up over the net with it. Bit easier than lugging TVs and stuff around to House of Plot.

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Eeep! I've turned into such a lightweight. One shot of Aftershock and I'm all squiffy. Was being "socialable" cos cryx wanted to get drunk, so I had something to keep myself warm etc...

Mr. barty just said something very romantic in the car about love and being apart and missing someone. This was cos I'd mentioned how "awww" sea_cucumber was when eggwhite went home.

I wonder what Love is.

The thing that bugs me most about love, is that since I don't know what it is, how will I know if I'm in love? Tis all very odd. I think I might have been in love before, but maybe it could have been indigestion or something.

Blimey. Very squiffy - I can barely type straight :)

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