May 27th, 2003

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Spent most of yesterday finishing off the coding I was doing. Hopefully everything on Things I Love is working as well as before except for the recommendations which I've yet to rewrite. Might need to pull off some crazy mind melting SQL to do them properly, or I could just fudge them to work like the older less updated version.

On a whim, I decided to go about town and see how much an X-Box with 2 controllers and Halo costs. I suspect getting it online will ultimately be cheaper as I can get a "rebate" if I order it via TIL.

Then since I was obviously in a whimsical mood - I went and watched The Matrix Reloaded again. Probably wasn't a clever idea as I was a bit weary of the eye after having stared at a computer screen far too much over the weekend. I think I must have dozed off during the part where Neo meets the Oracle again cos I don't remember her telling him where to go next. I can't have dozed for long, cos I definitely saw the cool fight scene with Neo, Agent Smith, Agent Smith, Agent Smith etc... :)

Being back at work feels very wrong. My body is thinking it's Monday still. Which is bad, cos I've got Cthuhlu tonight and my body thinks otherwise.

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