May 26th, 2003

Fight monkey boy! Fight!

Coo....Southern Electric are really keen for me to stay with them. They just phoned up and were basically trying to say that they were best and the other companies are all a bunch of lying shits who phone you up and say they're really great and the other companies are .... you get the idea. Apparently they have new prices now for new customers - why old customers don't get the new prices, I don't know. The sales droid didn't seem to notice I was I was being a bit sarcastic about it all, but said he'd send me the new prices just in case I decided to stay. Fat chance I'd imagine.

This weekend I've been mostly coding. I ripped out the innards of my wishlist site and crammed in a completely different set of innards. Things (I Love :) should be faster and a lot smoother now. And I can do more snazzy stuff. Need to sort out recommendations though.

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