May 25th, 2003

Hmmm....finger licking good

I think I've got everything sorted, ready for next week. Cycled in to Staines and bought a bunch of stuff, most notably one of those chest exercising doodahs. Except it's not one of the spring ones - it's electronic and tells you what to do and stuff.

It was ...interesting, getting it all back. I don't seem to have the flexability, height or coordination to get my leg over the bike frame without kicking the stuff at the back. I also have the same problem when getting. Stupidly I tried getting off to cross the road just past Staines bridge and nearly fell over.

Gave the new gadget a go when I got back. Tis bloody hard work - which is probably a good thing.

Went to Hatfield game tonight. The highlight of which was me getting hold of a "family" heirloom that contained a variety of rituals. The one the book wanted me to read (the book could speak to us), was one that caused a nearby mortal to crave chicken wings and eat them constantly. It just so happened that when I read it, Charlotte's character was nearby possessing a ghoul and she spent the last 30 minutes of the game pigging out :).

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